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Our story

It all started in late 2014, during which time we needed (with our previous jobs) the help of some local DMC’s in Amsterdam. Despite asking for local, authentic & interesting sites and experiences, almost all the DMCs gave us regular ‘touristic’ sightseeing programs that didn’t make any impression at all. With our ‘Dutch’ business mentality, we saw an opportunity we couldn’t ignore…

Only 2 months later, we launched our DMC & travel agency in Amsterdam, with a full focus on local, personal & authentic experiences. Quickly, a number of local, authentic and mostly family-owned suppliers joined our ZOYO network, and we managed to create an exclusive portfolio of tours, incentives & MICE services all based on the same values. Besides, our support of the local businesses has led to a more intimate atmosphere and experience for our guests which results in a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

This year, we will celebrate our 9th anniversary with the team that is currently working for our Dutch & Belgium label. We are happy to introduce Thomas, Jimmin, Aline & Alice.

Meet our destination designers

ZOYO Travel agent Thomas

Thomas van den Brink


Focus on true personal & local experiences. It’s about the right details that makes a visit unique

Loves: Dutch truffle cheese, Mexican quesadilla's & Belondrade Y Lurton 2017

+31 20 700 83 00


ZOYO Travel agent Jimmin

Jimmin van den Brink

Tours & creative

Creating local tours & packages is what I like. Forget standard, it's all about you and fully customized. Ready to make it happen!

Loves: city breaks, new cultures & craft beers

+31 20 700 83 00


ZOYO Travel agent Aline

Aline Timmer

Luxury Travel

Loves exploring new grounds and hidden-gems. Enjoys making FIT- and group packages.

Loves: White chocolate, Florida beach holidays & fine sushi restaurants

+31 20 700 83 00


ZOYO Travel agency Peter

Peter Knol

Group travel & incentives

Creating unique local experiences for our clients. From day tours towards multi-day programs, all 100 % customized.

Loves: PEC Zwolle, slow cook BBQ and enjoying time with his family.

+31 20 700 83 00


ZOYO Travel agent Greta

Greta Strzagauskaite

Coach Specialist

Enjoys sunny beaches, picknicks in the parc and wines at the canals.

Loves: city breaks, ice tea and italian cuisine

+31 20 700 83 00