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Limousine service Brussels

With our limousine services in Brussels, we provide a fleet of luxury vehicles that can be used for all kinds of transportation in and around Brussels. Our fleet consists mostly of luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, such as the Mercedes E, S, V & a collection of electric Tesla X-S models. Expect the latest models, comfortable options & professional/licensed multilingual drivers.

The majority of our clients use our limousine services in Brussels for roadshows, airport transfers & private driver services. As we control our cars directly, we can always adapt to changing times, last-minute requests & possible delays.

Why use our limousine service Brussels?

A wide variety of vehicles, easily pick & select;

For individual & delegation group transfers;

Perfectly combined with our VIP airport services;

For single transfers and full-day (at disposal) rentals.

VIP transport and exotic car rental.

Based on your schedule we are happy to do some great suggestions regarding tours & transfers.


A selection of limousines in Brussels:

Luxury sedan

Our standard luxury sedan is the Mercedes E-class (2020 model). Perfect for roadshows, airport transfers, private transportation & local excursions.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3    2

Luxury Sedan

Premium sedan

We offer an exclusive fleet of premium sedans: a good choice if you require the finest cars in town. We use the Audi A8, Mercedes S & Maybach. All cars are available for VIP transfers, roadshows and local excursions.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3   2

Premium Sedan

ECO Premium sedan

Reduce your carbon footprint and choose for our fleet of  no emission luxury cars. Use our (long-range) Tesla X or S models for VIP transfers, roadshows and local tours in and around Amsterdam.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3   2

ECO Premium Sedan

Luxury mini-van

The Mercedes V-class is the perfect vehicle for small groups and delegations. With 6-7 available seats, it combines luxury with true practical use. Great for airport transfers, roadshows & tours.

Vehicle details:   1 - 6/7    6

Luxury mini-van

Luxury mini-coach

For delegations & small leisure groups that appreciate extra space, we suggest using our luxury mini-coach. Great for roadshows, multi-day visits & traveling with luggage.

Vehicle details:   7 - 18     10-15

Luxury mini-coach

Private driver Brussels

Do you prefer a private driver in Brussels during your full stay? This is of course easily arranged. We provide many private driver services with 'at disposal' services. Besides we offer a good fixed price for private driver services in Brussel you have maximum flexibility during your full stay.

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