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Unique Workshops and Experiences in Brussels

At ZOYO Travel, we strive to for the novelty and uniqueness that set us apart from the others. The pandemic did not stop us from innovating. On the contrary, it propelled us to finding new ways to expand our offering of unique experiences for our guests. This pandemic was the perfect opportunity to rediscover the Belgian landscape, looking for new and authentic experiences that will leave a permanent mark on each visitor. Thus, we would like to share with you some of these experiences that will make your visit an experience of a lifetime.

Belgian craft beer experience:

Belgium has quite the reputation when it comes to sumptuous craft beers, and our carefully curated tour will take you to some of Belgium’s most unique breweries for a private tasting. This includes world-renowned beer makers as well as beer tastings in exclusive locations, such as the Trappist beers.

Chocolate workshops:

Belgian chocolate is known to be far superior than anything you can find elsewhere. Each region has its own unique specialties and we have carefully selected the most special ones for our guests. Guided by a master Chocolatier, you will make your own pralines and other Belgian specialties!

Unleash the photographer in you:

In Brussels, Bruges or anywhere else in Belgium, you are constantly faced with sublime architecture and magnificent landscapes. So, why not take part of an innovative workshop that will teach you the best ways to capture the beauty of Belgium?

The kings of waffles:

We have all tried waffles at some point in our lives, but nothing comes close to the authentic Belgian waffles. Here, the waffle is in itself a treat, not just a ‘vehicle’ for toppings. We offer you the opportunity to taste the authentic Brussels & Liège waffles and see how they are made!

Unique walks in the Ardennes

In the South Eastern parts of Belgium lays a unique mountainous and lush region which has pristine natural landscapes. For lovers of stunning scenery, rich historical heritage and exquisite cuisine, we have crafted a truly unique and customizable itinerary to visit this region.